The Power of Healthy Tension

Give your organization the skills they need to overcome chronic issues and conflicting values.

Often leaders and teams have a clear vision but fail to live it out.

They get stuck because of…

  • Conflicting values.
  • Division within the team.
  • Resistance to change.

The Power of Healthy Tension helps leaders get unstuck by providing a simple 4-step plan that allows them to unite their team, spark change, and live their values.

The Power of Healthy Tension has helped hundreds of organizations and thousands of leaders move from surviving to thriving.

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“Tim Arnold has done what few authors of leadership books have been able to do. He has offered valuable tools within an easily accessible model, and in as few words necessary.

This book has more practicality than many of the leadership books I own combined. Purchasing, The Power of Healthy Tension, was a small price to pay for the dividends it will return in the leadership of groups and organizations. I highly recommend it.”
Nevin Harper
Associate Professor - University of Victoria

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