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Team Building & Leadership Development

Teams and leaders often struggle because they haven’t developed the core skills required to be effective in today’s changing workplace.

Leaders for Leaders’ virtual and in-person workshops offer practical and actionable tools to tap into a new level of effectiveness and collaboration.

Our Services

Virtual Workshops

60-minute interactive sessions that can take place any time of the day. A great way to build teams, develop resilience and deliver results.

In-Person Workshops

Insightful and engaging half and full-day programs that boost morale, develop leadership, and align teams to thrive.


Tim Arnold helps you understand the chronic issues that hold back leadership and teamwork, so you can thrive.

See our virtual programs in action!

Looking for an in-person workshop or keynote?

Virtual Workshop Options

60-minute team and leadership development sessions


The Foundations of Resilience

Become optimistic AND realistic.


The Secret to Sustainability

Care for others AND care for yourself.


Outsmarting Change

Embrace change AND preserve stability.


The High Performance Paradox

Have expectations AND extend grace.


Dynamic Balance

Thrive at work AND at home.


Humble Confidence

Leverage your strengths AND embrace a growth mindset.



Effectively give AND respectfully receive feedback.


Building Team Trust

Focus on tasks AND focus on relationships.

“In this incredibly challenging time, our virtual team was feeling isolated and disconnected. In just 60-minutes, Leaders for Leaders taught us to embrace both optimism AND realism to build resilience. With our new awareness and shared language, the team is motivated to remain positive while figuring out how to tackle the challenges we're facing.

I've been a part of a lot of virtual meetings and training and this has been the most actionable and helpful when it comes to the morale of our team. We're applying the concepts every day and realizing that the future is bright!”
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April Sunshine Hawkins
StoryBrand Certification Team

How it Works

Select Your

Choose the Virtual Workshops that are a perfect fit for your organization from our list of 8 great options.

Lock in Your Timeslot

Choose to deliver the Virtual Workshops all in 1 day, weekly or monthly. Schedule your Virtual Workshop for any time of the day.

Connect, Learn and Grow

By tapping into the power of virtual connectivity, gain the benefits of your team feeling more aligned, engaged, and invested in. This can be an intact team, team members from a division, or participants from across the organization.

"These one-hour sessions have been very helpful and uplifting. I can always use a boost of confidence, and the strategies they provided have been very useful. Plus, in the breakout rooms, you get to meet people you would otherwise never talk to or listen to.

I am so appreciative of a workplace that values this kind of learning."
Deborah Marlatt
Case Manager, COVID-19 Case Management Team Ontario - Ministry of Government and Consumer Services

Why it Works

& Timely

Working remotely makes effective teamwork challenging. Equipping your people with the team skills required to thrive has never been more critical for success.

& Fun

No one wants to attend another boring online training. Delivered by a master facilitator, these workshops are highly experiential with collaborative challenges, breakout rooms, and small group discussions to bring each session to life.

& Actionable

Real-world examples and a personal action plan make sense of the concepts and provide skills you can apply right away.

Give your team and leaders skills and confidence to thrive in the workplace.

With a bit of information, we can prepare and send you a proposal for leadership training that meets your needs.

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