3 Leadership Questions to Ask Yourself In A Crisis

3 Leadership Questions to Ask Yourself In A Crisis

Hello everyone.  I hope you’re all doing ok.  I know that for most of you, this is an incredibly challenging time.  Personally, this past week has taken a substantial toll on my business, losing the majority of my bookings in a matter of days.  Like you, I feel the stress and frustration.The one thing this whole crisis is providing for most of us is the very thing we never feel we have enough of…time.  So, I’m going to challenge you to carve out a bit of this newfound time and think about your answers to the following 3 questions.  I believe that as a leader, this will be time well spent.

1.  VALUES QUESTION – Your true values only show up when they are put to the test.  When you look back 10 years from now, what 3 values will you want use to describe how you “showed up” as a leader during this time of crisis?  If you would like to see a list of values, click here for the list offered by Brené Brown in Dare to Lead.  Once you’re clear on these 3 values, write them down and keep them someone visible so you are reminded every day of the leader you want to be.

2.  TIME QUESTION – With social distancing and inevitable work slowdowns, you are about to have some time freed up in the coming weeks.  What are you going to do with this time?  What are the things you’ve been saying you would love to do if you only had the time?  Write down 3 things that you can do now that will help your business to thrive when things start to gain momentum again (which will happen).  Write down 3 things you can do with this time that will deepen relationships with family and friends.  Finally, write down 3 things you can do with this time to better take care of yourself?

Create a schedule for these things. Put them in your calendar.  Get some accountability so they actually happen!

3.  LEADERSHIP QUESTION – Leaders have the ability to help those around them see a better future and inspire them to take steps in that direction.  What are you going to do during this challenging time to leverage your gift of leadership to help the people around you?  Who do you need to talk to, to encourage, to paint a picture of hope?

No one wants to go through a crisis; however, there are opportunities that can emerge in times like this that will never happen otherwise.  It is my hope that you are able to tap into these opportunities and show up well in the season ahead.

Be safe and help one another out!


Tim Arnold is passionate about helping people understand the chronic issues that limit leadership and teamwork, so they can thrive.  He is the author of The Power of Healthy Tension and speaks to organizations around the globe on how they can overcome chronic issues and conflicting values.

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