The High-Performance Paradox: Having Expectations AND Extending Grace

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Andrew Carnegie said, “If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes,” and I can totally resonate with these words. Whether I’m working on a new book, striving to grow my business, or trying to stay healthy, pushing myself through goals, targets, and timelines […]

Can your team tell if they’re winning or losing?

Can you imagine going to a professional basketball game or hockey game only to find that there wasn’t a scoreboard in the arena? You’d be wondering who was winning or losing the entire game! Or picture driving your car but having no dashboard to look at. You’d be wondering constantly if you’re going the right […]

Do Great Leaders Focus on Profit or Purpose?

In his iconic book, Start with Why, Simon Sinek argues that leaders and organizations need to put more focus on their “why”— their purpose and the impact they are uniquely called to make in this world. He explains that this is how to gain a competitive advantage, attract and retain great talent, and take your […]

Should Your Next Event be In-Person, Virtual or Hybrid?

Virtual or Hybrid

HINT – Hybrid is the wrong answer!  Now that things are getting back to normal, leaders are working hard to reconnect their team by rescheduling training, events, and conferences. The problem is, with people’s openness to technology and an increase in remote work, they need to decide if these events should be in-person, virtual, or […]

Are you an optimist OR a realist? Big mistake! Here’s why…

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In the ground-breaking book, Good to Great, author Jim Collins explains why – specifically through his research with Admiral James Stockdale. You see, Stockdale spent eight years as a prisoner-of-war in Vietnam, enduring relentless psychological abuse, neglect, and torture. But he survived and he went on to thrive – becoming the first three-star officer in […]

How to Innovate AND Hold on to What Matters!

Interview with Peter Katz

An interview with JUNO-nominated musician and sought-after speaker, PETER KATZ. Peter Katz has spent the past 15 years touring internationally. With five albums to his name, Katz’s music has been streamed more than 5 million times and his music videos have over 20 million views on YouTube. Forced to pivot in early 2020 when COVID […]

Why Most Change Initiatives Fail (and how to ensure yours doesn’t!)

Research would suggest that 70% of organizational change initiatives fail. It’s not that everything about the change is a failure, but the reality is, most strategies for change fail to achieve even a fraction of the positive outcomes they originally promise. Why is that? One of the main reasons is the way the change is communicated. […]

Help! My team doesn’t want to return to the office.

Why finding healthy tension between FREEDOM & RESPONSIBILITY matters now more than ever.   It seems like every week – sometimes every day – I talk to a different manager with the same dilemma. They are relieved to see a reduction in COVID restrictions and excited to get their team back to the office. The […]

“Uncommon” Sense Leadership

My exclusive interview with Greg Paul, Author of The Twenty-Piece Shuffle, Founder of Sanctuary Ministries of Toronto.   Here’s a section from my new book, Lead with AND.   Greg Paul is a pastor and member of Sanctuary in Toronto, a ministry where the wealthy and poor share their experiences and resources daily to care […]


My exclusive interview with 3x Olympic Gold Medalist, Marnie McBean.   Here’s a sneak peek at a section from my upcoming book, Lead with AND.   Marnie McBean is one of Canada’s most decorated Olympians, having won three gold medals in the sport of rowing. She is a member of Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame and […]