Can your team tell if they’re winning or losing?

Can you imagine going to a professional basketball game or hockey game only to find that there wasn’t a scoreboard in the arena? You’d be wondering who was winning or losing the entire game!

Or picture driving your car but having no dashboard to look at. You’d be wondering constantly if you’re going the right speed or how close you are to running out of gas.

You’d never put up with either of those situations. Having a scoreboard or a dashboard is a basic expectation.

Yet, in our organizations, most of our teams don’t have a dashboard or a scoreboard that allows them to quicky assess if they’re winning or losing.

You might have an incredible mission and vision statement but do your employees have any way to know if they’re living out those words or not? You might have a strategic plan with clearly defined goals, but can the team assess, at any given moment, if they are winning or losing when it comes to meeting these targets?

Every team needs a dashboard. Something team members can look at any time and know immediately if they are winning or losing.

And make sure that your dashboard measures both:

  • Profit – making sure your revenue, expenses, and net income are moving in the right direction.
  • Purpose – are you reaching more of your ideal clients? Is the quality and impact of your product or service improving?

Having a dashboard isn’t super hard to create if you’re in field like sales or marketing. It’s not as easy if you’re in a space like human resources or working in a not-for-profit.

But having a simple and clear dashboard is just as important – it just takes a little more work.

If you want to see your team unified around clear goals. If you want to see both individual and group engagement go to the next level. Then you need to create a team dashboard. Something that allows every team member to know at any given time if they are winning or losing. Something that allows you to collectively know if you’re moving in the right direction – individually AND together!


Team Activity 

Engage your team in this conversation so that together, you can design and launch a dashboard that will help boost engagement and ownership.

  1. Start by having them watch the video before or during your next meeting.
  2. At the meeting spend some time discussing these two questions.
  3. Launch a 1.0 version of your dashboard with a commitment to revisit it and improve it each month until you get it just right!


Good luck and have fun!

Tim Arnold

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