Communication Hack & DIY Team Activity

Let’s face it—many leaders struggle with effective communication. And it’s not because they lack the right words; it’s because they forget that the real message is conveyed in HOW those words are said.

Don’t believe me? Check out the video to dive deeper into this eye-opening revelation.

YouTube video


🌐 DIY Team Activity: Learning through Stories

Now, let’s take this exploration a step further with a Do-It-Yourself team activity designed to enhance our collective understanding of effective communication.

Step 1: Watch & Discuss

  • Begin by sharing the video with your team and engaging in a thoughtful discussion. What insights did the video trigger? Any questions or reactions?

Step 2: Story Sharing in Small Groups

  • Next, gather in small groups of 3 or 4 and share stories. Each person needs to recount a time when they, as leaders, effectively communicated a crucial message or a crucial communication story where things went totally off the rails. Before moving to the next story, have your small group discuss the key learnings and insights from the shared experience.

Step 3: Insights Sharing

  • Finally, reconvene as a larger group and have each small group share the valuable insights they gained. What did they learn from their stories, and how can these insights be applied to enhance communication within your team and organization?

This simple yet impactful activity aims to not only strengthen your team’s understanding of effective communication but also foster a culture of shared learning and growth.

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