Coordination (and Leadership) Challenge

We live in a world that picks a side in almost every situation. There are situations where things are right or wrong; there are policies and procedures for a reason. Leadership, however, is often more complex than that.
The more you try to lead, the more you try to move things forward, the less you find yourself dealing with just simple problems to solve – you’ll find that you’re dealing with more complex situations.
The ability to hold different perspectives in tension and recognize that there’s truth on both sides is becoming a lost art, and is becoming a leadership superpower.


Shared Successes, Collective Insights.

Unlock the power of experiential learning and foster a culture of continuous improvement within your team. This simple yet impactful activity provides a structured opportunity for team members to share their successes, glean insights, and collectively strategize for future achievements.

Step 1: Individual Reflection. Give team members 3 minutes to reflect on a recent success from the past month – a completed project, solved problem, or achieved goal. Ask them to consider what went well and why.

Step 2: Share Success Stories.  Have each person share their specific success story, detailing how they contributed to it.

Step 3: Ask Follow-Up Questions. After each story, encourage the team to ask questions that delve deeper into the factors behind the success and how it can be replicated.

Step 4: Identify Common Themes. Facilitate a discussion where the team identifies common patterns or themes across the success stories. Guide them to generalize key learnings applicable to other situations.

Step 5: Action Planning. Congratulate individuals and the team for their valuable insights. Encourage them to keep sharing success stories with one another in the season ahead to nurture a culture of celebration and continuous improvement.

This activity celebrates successes while fostering reflection, collaboration, and actionable insights to drive future achievements. By taking the time to learn from experiences, you pave the way for growth within your team.

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Discomfort is the price of admission to a meaningful life. Courage is fear walking.

Susan David

Susan David -

Psychologist, Speaker and Author

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