DIY TEAM ACTIVITY: The Summer Snapshot Challenge

  1. ANNOUNCEMENT: Start by communicating the summer photo challenge icebreaker to the team, explaining the rules and objectives.
  2. PHOTO SUBMISSION: Team members are instructed to submit a photo of a place they have been during the summer. The photo should not include themselves, friends, or family. It can be as simple as a picture of their backyard, a local festival, farmers market, or any place they visited during their vacation. Set a deadline for photo submissions, giving team members ample time to select and send their photos to the manager.
  3. PHOTO COMPILATION: Once you’ve collected all the submitted photos, create a PowerPoint slideshow. Each photo should be anonymous, without any identifying information about the team member.
  4. GUESSING GAME: During an in-person team meeting or virtual gathering, present the PowerPoint slideshow, displaying one photo at a time. Have team members write down their guesses on a piece of paper or in a digital document, trying to match each photo with the team member they think submitted it. Once all the photos have been shown, go through the photos again, revealing the correct answers. Once team members share how many answers they guessed correctly, declare the team member(s) who emerged as “The Summer Snapshot Challenge Champion”. Have a fun prize for the team member(s) with the highest number of correct guesses.
  5. SHARING AND DISCUSSION: To foster further interaction and connection, team members can engage in discussions based on the photos. This can be done as a large group, where each person briefly explains their photo to the group, sharing highlights or stories associated with the place. Or in small groups, have team members take turns sharing their photos and discussing their summer highlights and experiences.

Let the summer fun begin!

Tim Arnold

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