Team Building Activity – Stoplight Reflection

spotlight team building activity reflectionTo avoid the pitfalls common with remote and hybrid teamwork (i.e. lack of engagement and alignment), it’s more important than ever to carve out some time for connection and fun.

To help you with this, here is a team building reflection activity that is easy to deliver and proven to be effective…virtual or in person. Enjoy!

Stoplight Reflection

To facilitate this DIY team building activity, grab some chart paper if your in-person or use a virtual whiteboard if you’re working virtually.  You’ll also need a black, red, orange, and green marker. Then divide your paper/whiteboard into 3 large rows with a red, orange, and green circle on the left (like a traffic light).

Step One:

Start with the Green and have your team brainstorm what went really well in their work in January. Write these ideas beside the green circle.

Possible Prompts: What work are you most proud of from January? When did you feel you were executing effectively? Were there any moments you felt like you loved your job?

Step Two:

Move to the Orange and have your team brainstorm areas of their work they feel they need to keep an eye on as they head into February. Write these ideas beside the orange circle.

Possible Prompts: What parts of your work need extra attention heading into February? Where do you feel like you may have just missed the mark in January?

Step Three:

Move to the Red and brainstorm areas of work that did not go well in January. These need immediate attention with the goal of noticeable improvement by the end of February. Write these ideas beside the red circle.

Possible Prompts: What needs to change before the end of February? Where did we totally miss the mark this month? What important work did we forget to pay attention to in January?

Follow Up:

  • Use the ideas shared to set new goals or KPIs for the month of February and check-in on them weekly
  • As a team, discuss how you can supercharge what is already going well and leverage these strengths into February
  • Dialogue about how you might use individual team members’ strengths to address areas that need attention and growth
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