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EQ Edge

Tap into your FULL leadership potential by developing your Emotional Intelligence.

  • Skillfully create meaningful connections with others, laying the foundation for personal and professional success.
  • Learn to understand yourself and others better, become more adaptable, cope with stress, and maintain an appropriately optimistic perspective.
  • Assess your EQ strengths and weaknesses with the EQ-i online assessment and 21-page interpretive report.

Whether you’re a manager, a team member, in sales, or delivering a service, emotional intelligence (EQ) is increasingly becoming one of the most important skills any individual can have.

The research is clear, people with high emotional intelligence:

•  Have higher job satisfaction
•  Are more effective employees
•  Outperform and earn more than their colleagues
•  Live with higher confidence, resilience, and happiness

The EQ Edge will help you understand what emotional intelligence is, assess your EQ effectiveness, and learn simple strategies that increase your EQ.

emotional hijack

How to Avoid Being Emotionally Hijacked

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand, use, and manage your own emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges and defuse conflict.

Learn how good emotional intelligence can keep you (and your team) from becoming emotionally hijacked.

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The Foundations of Emotional Intelligence

Thanks to Reuven Bar-On, HMS Inc.


• Self-regard

• Self-actualization

• Emotional self-awareness


• Emotional expression

• Assertiveness

• Independence


• Interpersonal relationships

• Empathy

• Social responsibility

Decision making

• Problem solving

• Reality testing

• Impulse control

Stress management

• Flexibility

• Stress tolerance

• Optimism

This workshop is perfect for anyone who is ...

• Leading a team or developing as a leader

• Growing in your self-awareness and developing your strengths

• Feeling emotionally hijacked by life and struggling to set boundaries

• Looking for more purpose in life and work

• Needing a boost of motivation and positivity

"Often times we neglect our own development for the sake of our clients, which in our case, had us feeling a little exhausted and tired. This workshop provided some long overdue rejuvenation and a renewed focus on our mission and values.”
Nick Mirka
Creative Director - Mitchell Reilly Pictures

What do you get with this workshop?

• Online EQ-i Assessment and 21-page interpretive report

• Large group teaching and interactivity ensuring high engagement

• Dynamic and insightful small group discussions

• Reflection materials and follow-up resources

• Optional 1-on-1 debriefing session following the workshop

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