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Fostering a Feedback Culture

A half-day workshop that will help you effectively give and receive feedback, overcome the pitfalls of dysfunctional communication and start experiencing the power of healthy conversations.

Feedback is the foundation of high-performing teams and successful leadership.  Unfortunately, fostering a feedback culture is easier said than done.

This workshop helps participants overcome the common challenges that hold back effective communication.

Core Concepts

Identify the habits that are helping and hurting your communication.

Apply a simple yet effective three-step approach to giving and receiving feedback.

Question assumptions before jumping to conclusions, and deal with concerns before they escalate.

Increase your ability to be both truthful and tactful for greater communication impact.

How It Works:

•  Participants will be equipped with current communication models and tools that include the Ladder of Inference and Feedback that Works.

•  Core concepts of the program will be brought to life through experiential activities and interactive group conversations.

•  Participants will be challenged to develop a strategy that will allow them to move forward in embracing Healthy Communication.

“Through interactive activities, business cases that everyone could relate to, real life examples, and humour; Leaders for Leaders was able to equip us with the tools needed to overcome some of the toughest team and leadership challenges that we face in the workplace.”
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Nicola Major
Director of Communications & Initiatives - The Responsive Group
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How To Avoid A Tug Of War Conversation

Have you ever been part of a tug-of-war conversation – where it felt like you were pulling hard in one direction, while the person you’re talking with is pulling equally hard in the opposite direction? In the end, no one wins.

Learn how to avoid a tug-of-war conversation by engaging in a different kind of communication. Download the PDF now.

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Why It Works

& Timely

It feels like workplaces are becoming more dysfunctional each day. Harnessing the power of healthy communication has never been more critical to team success.

& Actionable

Real-world examples and a personal action plan make sense of the concepts and provide skills you can apply right away.

& Fun

No one wants to attend another boring workshop. Interactive activities, table discussions and small group work bring the session to life.

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