How to Focus on the Team AND the Individual

How to Focus on the Team AND the Individual

As an effective and caring leader, you want to engage, recognize, and reward your people in the best way possible.  The problem is that it can be difficult to know whether it’s best to do this by focusing on the team or by focusing on the individuals within the team.  This can be a frustrating tension to deal with, and if it’s not managed well, can result in discouragement, division and complaints of favouritism.

But there’s a better way! As the Director of the world-renowned Toronto Mass Choir, Karen Burke understands this tension better than most.  On one hand, she needs to ensure that her team of 50+ acclaimed vocalists feel equally invested in, recognized and valued. On the other hand, she needs to identify the unique one-of-a-kind talent in each choir member and select some members to sing lead and take on solo projects.

Watch these 4 short videos to learn how Karen avoids potential diva-division and taps into the power of healthy tension by focusing on the team AND focusing on individuals.

 Is it important to recognize the individuals on your choir/team?

What is an easy but powerful way to invest in each team member?

How do you overcome turf wars and unhelpful competition?

How do you tap into the best in every team member?

BONUS: Why tension in your team is a great thing.


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Author – The Power of Healthy Tension



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