How To Host a Virtual Holiday Party

How To Host a Virtual Holiday Party

Don’t let working remotely spoil your holiday fun. Wrap up the year on a high-note with an awesome virtual celebration! Here are 5 simple ideas that will help you have a fantastic virtual event.


1. Branding 101 – to prevent this from feeling like yet another Zoom meeting, have a great title for the event and send a formal email invitation to set a special tone right up front.

2. Special Delivery – send each team member a box containing the following holiday party supplies. Note in the email invite that they should expect to receive this, and NOT to open it until the party begins.

  • SNACKS – throw in a little sweet and a little savoury to satisfy everyone’s taste buds
  • DRINKS – to prepare everyone for a festive toast, consider including both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options (considering time of day, coffee or tea may be appropriate as well)
  • GIFT – wrap these separately so everyone can open them up together (gift cards and books mail quite nicely)
  • CARD – take the time to include a personal note for each team member


1. Icebreaker – Guess the Christmas Song!

  • Go to this YouTube video and have this video ready to share (i.e. skip past the ads)
  • Tell your team to have their “Chat” feature open and to submit their guesses for each song
  • Comment on who is the fastest with the correct answer for each song
  • NOTE – when sharing video in Zoom, be sure to click the “share computer sound” box

2. Game #1 – A to Z Scavenger Hunt

Using Zoom breakouts, divide your large team into small groups of 4-5 people

The Challenge:

  • To be the team who can find an item for every letter of the alphabet
  • Team members can only use items found in the room they are currently in
  • Each team must appoint someone to keep track of their answers
  • Each item can only be used once
  • Each team only needs one item per letter of the alphabet (not one item per team member)
  • Give small groups up to 10 minutes to complete this challenge

The Results:

  • Find out how many teams found an item of all 26 letters
  • Ask each team to report back on their most unique item(s)

3. Game #2 – Trivia Challenge

  • Have some competitive fun using an online trivia site such at Trivia Maker or Kahoot
  • Both of these options have great pre-formatted games that are themed and ready to go – or you can take a bit of time to customize a game for a personal touch

4. Team Connection – Depending on the size of your team, personal connection can be difficult. To overcome this challenge, use Zoom breakouts to divide your team into small groups of 3 or 4 people and chat about any of the following questions (or some questions of your own):

  • Best Christmas gift you’ve ever received
  • Favourite holiday tradition
  • What holiday movie or special do you watch over and over again
  • Most interesting place (or way) you’ve celebrated the holidays in the past
  • The one thing you’re most grateful for this holiday season
  • The thing you’re most looking forward to in 2021

5. Closing – Before you wrap up, take time for everyone to open their gift and comment on why you selected this gift. Follow this up with some words of encouragement, and a toast to your team. Be sure to have your Zoom view in “gallery” mode and do a screen capture of everyone raising a glass.


1. Follow Up – The day after your event, send out an email thanking everyone for attending. Be sure to include the photo of the team raising a glass.

PS – Reach out to us anytime to explore how one of our 1-hour virtual teambuilding programs can take your holiday party to the next level!

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