How to Innovate AND Hold on to What Matters!

An interview with JUNO-nominated musician and sought-after speaker, PETER KATZ.

Peter Katz has spent the past 15 years touring internationally. With five albums to his name, Katz’s music has been streamed more than 5 million times and his music videos have over 20 million views on YouTube.

Forced to pivot in early 2020 when COVID halted all in-person concerts and events, Peter didn’t just survive, he thrived. He is now one of Canada’s most in-demand virtual keynote speakers, providing customized “keynote concerts” to clients that include Bell, Xerox, American Express, Mars, and the Royal Bank of Canada, to name a few.

As a colleague and a friend, I have been in awe of how Peter has been able to embrace change, yet at the same time, hold on to what matters most. I recently had a chance to ask him how he has managed to pull this off. I think you’ll find his answers not only fascinating, but relevant to both your life and your leadership.

QUESTION #1In a season of non-stop change, how have you been able to preserve stability and hold on to what matters?

– What is a red flag, or early warning sign that you’re over-focusing on stability to the neglect of change and innovation?

QUESTION #3 – What is something that you do that has allowed you to stay healthy and effective during this season of non-stop change and innovation?

QUESTION #4 – What is a red flag, or early warning sign that you’re over-focusing on change and neglecting stability?

– Watch the full 26-minute interview and be one of the first in the world to hear a sneak-peek of Peter’s brand-new song, Gentle.

Tim Arnold

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