Two Truths and a Dream – Team Icebreaker

This DIY activity is a fresh (and more honest) take on the traditional ‘Two Truths and a Lie’ icebreaker. It encourages team members to share both their accomplishments and their dreams in a fun and engaging way.

  1. Ask each team member to write down two accomplishments in their life that they are proud of, and one dream that they hope to achieve. This can be related to their work or personal life. Explain that the objective is to come up with three things, making it hard for their teammates to discern which two are the accomplishments and which one is the dream.

    For Example:

    One: I have run a marathon;
    Two: I summited Mount Kilimanjaro;
    Three: I have worked on four continents.

  2. Instruct each team member to share their three statements with the rest of the team in random order, without revealing which statement is the dream.
  3. After each person has shared their statements, ask the rest of the team to guess which statement is the dream. This can be done as a group discussion or through a polling tool.
  4. Once the dream has been revealed, ask team members to reflect on the exercise and discuss how sharing both accomplishments and aspirations can help build stronger relationships within the team.

PS: I’ve never summitted Mount Kilimanjaro!

Tim Arnold

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