The Power of Healthy Tension

Leaders are ineffective when they can’t embrace diverse perspectives and navigate conflicting points of view.

Tim Arnold helps you understand the chronic issues that hold back leadership and teamwork, so you can thrive.

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As leaders, we often treat every challenge as a problem to be solved, with a right or wrong answer.

Planning or Action?
Structure or Flexibility?
Change or Stability?

But this “either/or” thinking is a dangerous trap! To be a better leader — both at work and at home — we need to realize that many of life’s challenges are tensions to be managed.

The Power of Healthy Tension provides a simple framework that allows leaders to tap into the power of “both/and” thinking. By doing this, we gain a massive competitive advantage, and move from surviving to thriving.

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“We needed to find a way to bring some fun and energy into a large two-day event. Having Tim kick off the event was the perfect solution. He was able to get the group learning, laughing, and interacting, which set a perfect tone for the next few days.

We now have him open up all our big events and our clients love it! ”

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Key learnings

Embrace diverse perspectives

Gain the ability to work effectively with people who have different opinions and perspectives than your own.

Communicate more effectively

Learn the difference between a problem to solve and a tension to manage, and the skills required to communicate conflicting points of view.

Make better

Learn a thoughtful, deliberate decision-making approach when dealing with complex issues.

“Healthy Tension is a simple yet profound concept that our senior executives are now raving about.

Leaders for Leaders kept the crowd engaged and we were able to have fun and learn at the same time!”

Learn how your organization can embrace diverse perspectives and navigate conflicting points of view.

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