Are you Tapping Into the Power of Healthy Tension?

Answer the questions below to find out how well you (and your team) are tapping into the power of healthy tension:

  1. Your organization has corporate values such as TEAMWORK, LEADERSHIP and RESPECT; however, these values rarely get lived out on a day to day basis.
  2. Strategic plans get off to a good start, but often get stalled and fail to fully achieve the original goals.
  3. Your organization’s strategies and plans often resemble the pendulum of a grandfather clock; going in one direction for a while, only to swing back to where things were in the first place.
  4. Difficult or uncomfortable conversations often get avoided during team meetings, resulting in many informal “meetings after the meeting”.
  5. Change initiatives and new approaches are met with resistance and skepticism.
  6. The composition of your organization’s staff fails to reflect the diversity of your community in areas such as gender and race.
  7. When discussing differences of opinion between coworkers, conversations often feel like a tug-of-war where each person is only focused on proving the other person wrong and getting them to their “side”.
  8. Internal competition is constantly undermining your ability to do any collaborative team work.
  9. Policies and procedures keep getting in the way of any meaningful progress.
  10. Team members often talk about the struggle to manage the conflicting demands of work and home.