Share the Love – Team Activity

Have you ever wondered how to wrap up your meetings in a meaningful way? We have an exciting suggestion that will bring numerous benefits to your team: “Share the Love.”

By incorporating “Share the Love” as the final item on your meeting agenda, you can accomplish so much more than just ending on a positive note. This simple yet powerful activity allows individuals to feel appreciated, encourages the practice of gratitude, and fosters a sense of unity among team members. It creates a moment of ‘humanity,’ where we recognize each other as individuals who are genuinely trying their best.

Here’s how you can implement “Share the Love” in your meetings:

  1. Add “Share the Love” as the final standing item on your meeting agenda. If the term “Share the Love” wouldn’t sit well with the vibe of your team, you can rename it to something such that expresses the sentiment and would resonate better with your team (i.e., “Team Shout Outs”).
  2. At the end of your meeting, announce that it’s time for “Share the Love.” Open the floor and invite anyone to share a positive comment or word of gratitude for anyone else in the meeting. It could be for something that happened during the meeting, work that was done in preparation for the meeting, the way a colleague responded to something during the meeting, or even how another team member has positively impacted your work life lately.
  3. Allocate 3-5 minutes for this activity. Sometimes, it takes a moment for individuals to reflect and formulate their thoughts. If there is initial silence, do not worry. Experience with this activity has shown that it gains momentum over time and becomes something that team members genuinely look forward to.

Consider making “Share the Love” an ongoing practice or meeting ritual to create a culture of appreciation and recognition within your team. It will not only boost team morale but also foster a stronger sense of camaraderie and unity.

Let’s infuse our meetings with positivity and gratitude. Give “Share the Love” a try and watch the positive impact it brings to your team dynamics.

Enjoy the journey of appreciation and recognition!

NOTE: Thanks to the amazing team at Raise who taught me how to “Share the Love” many years ago.

Tim Arnold

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