Virtual Icebreaker – Workspace Who-Am-I?

Try This Icebreaker at Your Next Virtual Meeting

With people working remotely, we understand how hard it can be to develop your team.  Here is a virtual icebreaker that is easy to deliver and proven to be effective.  Enjoy!


Workspace Who-Am-I? (approximately 15 minutes)

Step One:  Prior to your next virtual meeting, ask all team members to snap a picture of something from their workspace or desk. This could be anything from a personal memento in their office, to the view from their chair, or even a photo of their pet that’s sitting next to them. They must then send their photo to you by email.  Be sure to remind them to send it to you in a private email and not a “reply-all” to the whole team. Compile the images into PowerPoint or Google Slides – one picture per slide – and a number next to each picture.  See photo below for an example.

Step Two:  During the virtual meeting, ask participants to grab a pen and paper and create a numbered list based on the number of slides/photos you have in your slideshow.  Then, scroll through each slide and have team members write down which photo they believe matches up to each teammate.

Step Three:  After going through all the slides, go over them one more time. Invite team members to unmute themselves and share their answers for each image.  After hearing the team’s thoughts, reveal the actual answer for each photo. The team member with the most correct guesses wins!

NOTE – thanks to Kate Masson for sharing this icebreaker with me!



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